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Jun 27 2012

Getting.close.to.burnout (but still standing strong).

Just set my wakeup alarm (and some backup alarms) for ~5:20am.  Wow, they weren’t kidding about this summer.  Teaching boot camp.  Granted, I’m viewing life through some dark-colored lenses right now considering I’ve been majorly, majorly sleep-deprived for the last week and a half…so everything seems much worse than it is.  But what good will complaining do?  I refuse to drown in negativity; one of the things I’ve always been proud of is my positive outlook on life.  I will get through this.

Negativity is not in my nature.  Remember why I’m doing all this, why I’m going through these struggles: in the end it’s for those kids, who have it 100x worse than me.  So I will stay positive.  Besides, I’m surrounded by amazingly supportive fellow corps members and staff.

Now off to finish my two math lesson plans…and then try to get as much sleep as I can.  Will wake up at 5:20am to get ready and catch the bus to my middle school in South LA.  In the meantime, I will find balance.  Soon.  One day.

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  1. draco

    Markham MS in Watts…apparently one of the worst-performing schools in LA…but I appreciate the opportunity for the challenge. And thank you!! :)

  2. Anonymous

    What middle school in South LA?! I did my student teaching in the area, so I may know some of the kids you’ll be interacting with!

    btw, I’ve heard mixed things about TFA training, so good luck! && first year of teaching is hard…for anyone, no matter what kind of training they have. the best way to overcome? lots of support & happy hour. ;]

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