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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap

Dear Teach For America / Teach For Us blog friends,
Due to a combination of circumstances out of my control, I had to leave the 2012 corps a few months ago. However, I am still in the Teach For America program, and the joys of teaching have been so incredible that I look forward to returning to the classroom in the future.
In the meantime, I’m still as passionate as ever about education & would love for you to stay connected! Please follow me on my new videoblog Kindness Marathon at http://KindnessMarathon.com
Rather than on the website itself, the videoblog is housed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; the links to all of them are on the website. Everything is still quite new so barely any content is up…but stay tuned! Kindness Marathon features everything I’m passionate about, be it education or social justice or fitness or anything else!
Still believing in the vision of…

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Wow, it’s been about half a year since my last blog post, and since I’ve joined Teach For America. And no kidding: I’ve really been that busy with teaching. Swamped. I am thoroughly convinced that teachers have the hardest job in the world. And not just because of the insane long hours (which is reason…

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Teaching is hard.  I have so much mad respect for all my past teachers…there is so much endless, underappreciated, behind-the-scenes work that goes into good teaching. I wanted to take a minute to reflect on 3 things I’ve come to realize from these last few weeks that I personally need to do in order to…

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Just set my wakeup alarm (and some backup alarms) for ~5:20am.  Wow, they weren’t kidding about this summer.  Teaching boot camp.  Granted, I’m viewing life through some dark-colored lenses right now considering I’ve been majorly, majorly sleep-deprived for the last week and a half…so everything seems much worse than it is.  But what good will…

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Basking in the obnoxiously perfect Southern California weather, I stopped by UCLA’s main commencement ceremony on Friday…and couldn’t help but think of my own college graduation at UCLA 2 years ago.  Back when it was June 11, 2010: I sat in one of those oh-so-elite seats reserved for graduating seniors, and listened to those oh-so-cheesy…

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